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Complaint: I used Emaze to create a presentation for a graduate school course. I worked on it for about 3 weeks. Last week I tried to pull up the presenstation to add voice before I submitted it. My presentation was gone along with others I had done and my library of uploaded images. This company is located in Israel and the only way to contact them is via email. They have one tech guy – Liam – who also lives in Israel and responds to emails about once every 3 days. I got almost no help from him and they never did restore my presentations. I am now forced to start over. The only way you can save the presentations are on the website or as HTML code. I should have saved it as HTML code I suppose but who knew this would happen and I certainly expected them to do their best to restore it. I would not deal with this company until they provide local support via phone.

Tags: Computer Software

Address: Internet USA

Website: emaze.com/


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