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For the people looking for airport parking or staying in Tampa you may want to know of our experience with ParkRideFlyUsa and Embassy Suites operated by Hilton Hotels and use a different vendor. When we checked our car in we filled out a damage card on our car with the valet which was blank as there was no damage on our car. We asked for a copy for our records and were told the office was closed and the valet could not provide a copy as the office was closed at 4:20 AM. When we returned to pick up our car a week later, there was quite a bit of damage on the passenger rear section around the tire and bumper. The card they showed us now had a mark showing damage in that area. We filed the insurance paper work with Kiara MacCarone at Embassy Suites and she would not provide us with a copy after asking multiple times. My wife did get a call from the insurance company after many attempts to contact Kiara MacCarone . They issued a claim number and were setting up a repair facility. The insurance company called back and said that they had denied the claim. Here is a list of people we contacted trying to resolve this with ParkRideFlyUSA, Embassy Suites, and Hilton trying to find someone with integrity to stand up and do the right thing. Park Ride Fly USA Susan Traylor Director of Online Sales and Marketing Embassy Suites Benjamin howell GM Tampa Embassy Suites Embassy Suites Kiara MacCarone 813-875-1555 Hilton Hotels christopher nassetta Hilton Hotels stephen arnold Hilton Hotels jim holthouser Hilton Hotels kristy myrick Hilton Hotels mia gordy Hilton Hotels Jey washington Hilton Hotels Adrian harris Hilton Hotels So to wrap this up, from my view, there is not a single person above that has the integrity to do the right thing and repair the damage done by their employees. My suggestion, park and stay elsewhere.

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