Emiko Phillips Munoz – Oceanside, California California


Emiko K Phillips is sleeping with a married man, is a pathological liar, hypocrite and always plays the victim. She is distraught over her husband leaving her over 2 years ago but can’t let go. She still tells people she is married but is with someone else’s man. She blames women for stealing her man but they just leave her. Meanwhile she is doing the same thing and sleeping with a married man who has 2 kids. Her own children complain about her playing victim and her friends have all become tired of hearing her stories. She complains that she will never want another woman around her children but yet she has a married man living with her. She already has so many problems with her current boyfriend that they are always breaking up and her man is always leaving. She is constantly telling people how much she does for him and he constantly disrespects her. She also always puts this man before her sons which I never agreed with!! If all her relationships are failing you’d think she’d realize that she is the common denominator and the real problem. Hopefully that new guy will get smart before she starts physically attacking him then crying wolf. Maybe she’ll get some help so no one has to listen to her lies and victim statements anymore. We are all tired of her!!!!!!

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