Emily West – Holly, Michigan Michigan


This is Emily West. AKA: Emily Terry, Emily Lance. Do you know her? If you do, she has probably had sex with your man. If sheís ever been in your home, you should Lysol all your toilets before using them. If you have ever had sex with her, you should be tested for STDs. Emily West will try to become your best friend. BEWARE! She will brag about numerous affairs she has had with her friendís husbands. She has screwed a plumber who has a wife at home, a painter who has a wife at home, a local cop who lives with his girlfriend and has a little boy at home, and a cowboy who she had befriended his wife. She even has long time friends from Las Vegas and when visiting with them she boasted about how the wife fell asleep and then she screwed the husband. These poor women have no clue this has happened behind their backs. But I KNOW! Because she endeared herself to my best friend and then seduced her husband of 30 years! Who knows how many marriages she has destroyed? Thankfully, this has made my friends marriage stronger than ever. Emily West, you picked the wrong person to mess with. Emily West is a very filthy dirty person. Her house smells terrible, as does she. She plays helpless and gets these men to Ďhelpí her fix things in her disgusting home. Then she plies them with liquor to lose their better judgement and seduces them. She knows exactly what she is doing. Her own children do not even like her! Who leaves their doors open for their children to walk right in and catch them screwing her friends husbands? What kind of Mother does that? Thatís how bad a person she is deep down inside. I am thankful for this site so that this woman can finally be exposed! I hope it warns other innocent women, and men, exactly what they are dealing with when they meet Emily West. Donít trust her. Donít friend her. Donít get close to her. She WILL seduce your man!

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