Encantada trailer park Las Cruces New Mexico


Complaint: New management here in encantada has been bias, extremity rude and taking advantage of the people of this community. I have been stopped numerous times asking if I lived here and what was I doing. Telling me I could not get a cigarette from the smoking designated area. After berthing here already for three years they still asked me to have to do a back ground check and on top of that pay for it “$45″” and if we even had someone starting for even a weekend that they would need to do a background check as well. They have been looking for any and every little thing to find to get us kicked out my mother and I. And now that we are leaving under our own terms they said that they will not let us out of the gate with our mobile home of we remove the tree in front of our home and the fence so that we can remove our porch. They are telling us we did not give 30 day notice but that is only to revive our 300 dollar deposit back but we don’t care about that and just want leave here but they are making us stay for another 30 days… It’s crazy because they were looking for any little thing to get us kicked out and now this. Like I said these people are biast and extremely rude especially the last that runs this out of control park. Last thing my mom first moved here $350 or so 6yrs ago and now like I said $453 and will keep going up

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Address: I feel sorry for the elderly that live here and being taken advantage of.”


Phone: 1002 Bison Trl. Las Cruces, New Mexico USA

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