Encanto PRC, EL FARO PRC REDMOND Oregon Review


Purchased weeks at El Faro in April of 2013 for my wife’s 40th. The company selling was Encanto PRC. Jose signed our contract. I was supposed to receive information within 60-90 days. Well it’s 8 months later and have received nothing. Tried to make a reservation for march-April of 2014 In September of this year. Started getting the runaround. “Encantoprc doesn’t exist anymore””. “” I will call you back””. “” call tomorrow we will have your confirmation””. The list goes on. I have called almost daily for 4 months. They have stopped taking calls and returning emails. I hate to admit it

but I was scammed. Reading the other. Posts here have confirmed it. Lucy and Jose Cruz are the main players. They still work there. I plan on heading down there this march and punching Jose right in the mouth. Any suggestions from others scammed would be appreciated. I would be willing to join any lawsuit against these low life individuals. avoid this place at all costs. You can make a reservation at numerous websites at ElFaro. You just can’t make one as an owner. What a scam. Hope others will learn from this. I have.”

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