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Complaint: Brian Richard Zaiger helps run a Hate Campaign site on the internet. He is an administrator of that site. ( Encyclopedia Dramatica.se ) The site does not contribute positively and hurts allot people. It is a Hate Campaign website that tends to target Gays and Transsexuals. I have to repeat this because it bears repeating. ( THE SITE DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY BUT HURTS ALLOT OF PEOPLE. ( THE SITE IS INDEXED IN GOOGLE SEARCH AND THE SLANDER AND DEFAMATION ON THE SITE IS ILLEGAL. ) In many cases it is considered Bias Intimidation a Federal Hate Crime. The gender orientation slurs, f****t, f*g, fags are all over the site. When asked Mr. Brian Richard Zaiger does not remove the Hate. When I confronted Mr. Zaiger about the defamation and the Hate Campaign against me on his site and told him I was going to make a rip off report he sent me this threat on 6-24-12. Here is his actual letter. “As a matter of fact I think I will write my very own Ripoff Scams for not only you

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: but everyone I can find who is connected with you. Do you have any family? Children? Siblings? Cousins? I am sure they would love some Ripoff Scamss in their Google results telling everyone that their businesses give shoddy service and that I was recommended there by their relative Vicky Rice aka Margerie Brubaker “”character actress”” (I guess the definition of character actress is acting crazy on the Internet). Hahahaha this sounds like a great idea

Website: they host a snapshot of the site and all of it’s old articles

Phone: I might get started on it right away.”” _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ In a second letter to me dated 6-22-2012 Mr. Zaiger wrote this: oh it looks like you’ve been reading Daniel Brandt’s blog. Tell me something about myself that is not from that blog and I might think about starting to take you seriously. Also if it’s content removal you are looking for

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