End Wrinkles Today


You order a trial of this product online based on an ad you see on Facebook. You are directed from Facebook to the company website. You order the trial product for $15. You receive the product. A month later you receive an additional product, but this time are charged close to $90 automatically on your credit card without your authorization. When you call, you are told that you agreed to a monthly subscription for the product when you ordered the trial. When you argue that you were not aware of that, they send you to a company website where the terms clearly state that if you don’t call within 14 days, you will be billed monthly for a subscription at close to $90 a month. This is not the same website you ordered from, but you have no way to argue with the company representative. If that were clearly stated when you ordered the trial, you never would have agreed. Nothing is stated in the receipt email you first received, or in any of the materials that arrived with the product. The representative "graciously" offers to give you a 35% refund on products already sent, which by this time is 2 shipments. So you just scammed out of around $120. You realize that if the product was legitimate, the company wouldn’t have to resort to such deceitful business practices to sell it. Meanwhile, they are laughing all the way to the bank because nobody can stop them. Their entire business-model is based on deceiving the buyer into a subscription they never agreed to but have no way of proving that they didn’t agree to.

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