Energy Exchange Review


I’m just an ordinary guy that was looking for an investment that would help send my son to college so in 2011 I became an investor in a company I found on the internet. That company was Enex, headed I believe by a David Mangum. After a persuasive conversation on the phone he convinced me to purchase the investment at about $30,000.00. It was an oil project with a company called Southern Star. He failed to disclose to me that his son Darin Mangum has an interest in the business. He also failed to disclose that he’s been barred by at least one state to not solicit sales in that state. Nor was I told how poor my chances of recouping my investment would be. After 2 years of virtually no returns I realised I had been tricked and wrote them for my money back and received no response. Everything seemed legitimate but they are getting rich off your money. I would like to see their books to see where the money really goes. Be careful because this industry is not regulated, and it’s not transparant, giving him and others like him a licence to steal and until they’re investigated by the IRS or a private investigator no one really knows what they’re doing.

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