Engenius Review


I purchased an Engenius networks Wireless Access Point on August 18, 2018 which included a $20.00 mail in rebate. I completed the requirements of the mail in rebate and received an email from [email protected] on August 30, 2018 stating the rebate has been approved and payment will be mailed in 8-10 weeks. On November 19 I emailed back asking for status. I received a response on November 22 indicating, “We show that the card was processed. The card should be out to you shortly.”” On December 17 I emailed again asking for status. I didn’t receive a response. I emailed again on December 21. I received a response on December 24 indicating

“”I have reviewed the claim and see you are approved but we do not have the authorization to release the reward card at this time. We will email you when the cards are released in the mail.”” I immediately emailed back asking for further clarification as this is now well outside the 8-10 week timeline established in the terms of the rebate program. On January 3 I received a response indicating

“”I know you have been approved and waiting much longer than was stated in the original terms

and I am sorry that I was still not able to provide any further update as to when this will be paid out. I have made notations to the claim but we do not have the authorization to release the reward card at this time.”” I’m incredibly frustrated with Micro Center and Engenius for working with this shady rebate processor. I’ve held up my end of the agreement and continue to receive generic responses with no details while they withhold funds that are owed to me. These deceptive business practices are completely unacceptable.”

United States

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