English bulldog puppies for sale/Adoption


I was looking to buy an English Bulldog puppy for my ex-marine Brother on his graduation from College this May. i proceeded to google around and I saw this site on Facebook. I proceeded to contact the owner of the page promoting the sales of English Bulldogs. This one indicated that they needed and advance ($300.00) to separate the dog and once it was shipped I paid the rest of $280.00 for a total of $580.00. Once I made the payment the seller changed the whole agreement and started asking me to pay the rest to make sure the shipping was cover, I received an email via Facebook indicating to be on the lookout of this seller since he was scamming people. That’s when I started changing my position and asking him for personal information, address, phone. All the information provided was false, the phones he posted they seem to be pre-paid phone, the address on the website doesn’t match the Google Address and I was doing some investigation and it seems he is using 2 names and 2 sites for this scam in Facebook. I tried to scare him by telling him my wife work for the Federal Department but nothing happen, also I did speak to him once on the phone and this person is not Native from America since he has a thick Nigeria-Cameroon or Kenya accent.Also on the attach document ( Facebook Conversation) I opened afterwards a fake Facebook account to gather more information,please read the conversation and you will notice that he is indeed scamming people and lying about it.

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