Enrique Luviano aka Que Que – Houston, Texas Texas


This man was once the love of my life since I was 15 yrs old .But i had always came second to the drug addict girlfriend he has he has never really loved her he just got caught up because she trapped him with so many kids. He told me so many lies made cry played with my heart and now after 14 yrs of being with the drug addict he is denying the son we have together. We had a on going relationship for the whole time they were together. He lied to by saying the when he kids got older he would leave her because she is always fighting with him making him miserable. She is a low life doesn’t have a job and is the worst mom because she cant stay off the damn drugs! Only if she knew how much crap he talks about her! He made me believe that he cared for me sold me so much hope but now he trying to act all happy with his fake family and ignores my son that he knows is his! Ladies remember his face don’t trust him CPS should be taking away them kids nobody needs a druggie for a mom.

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