Enterprise Rent-A-Car Redmond Washington


Complaint: This is fraudulent company and Enterprise Rent a Car -Redmond is the worst rental shop you would ever want to go.First they say we don’t care about minor scratches and walk you through the car saying everything is fine. When you come to return the car, they said that Fog light case is missing. I said to them several times that it would have been missing when they rented it, they did not agree saying I should have made a note of it. The employee who rented was not thorough and asked me to not worry about seeing each and every part. But when I returned it, they were the first to pounce saying that I have signed the agreement that nothing was damaged.They cut $250 deductible for a $23 fog light cover and now they are asking me to follow up with Damage Recovery Unit for loss of use and Repair cost. They are not ready to believe me that it is $23 fog light cover and are saying we need to take additional charges for loss of use, damage, service fees and also installation cost.I am thinking I should be filing a law suit against the employee and company/owner of Enterprise. It was Subaru Legacy returned to Redmond town center on 7/8/2014. Enterprise if you are hearing this, please responds and give explanation of your fraudulent charges to public. I also doubt that the Car wash guys from Enterprise conveniently might have removed the fog light cover just so that the Employee can charge the $250 fraudulent charges. Don’t even trust the Redmond Enterprise for 1 minute when you get the car and also don’t leave it to them for 1 minute with them before they say you are good to go. I have seen them asking claims from almost everyone else who are there in the shop.

Tags: Car Rentals

Address: 16241 Ne 74Th St Redmond, Washington USA

Website: www.enterprise.com/


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