Envy RX


This horrible company called me after I’d been on-line looking for eye creams. They asked if I recalled being on their site and asked why I didn’t complete my order. I don’t think you can actually order on line and that’s part of the scam. They do this over the phone so you have nothing in writing. But I took notes during the conversation. I also recorded the phone number that they called me from. They offered me to try the eye cream for $4.97 for S&H. | I inquired to be sure they wouldn’t continue to send me this eye cream, automatically. They actually admitted they would but that if I canceled within 60 days, the shipment wouldn’t go out and there would be no further charge on my credit card, just the 4.97. After hearing that shipments would be automatically sent I refused the offer but the salesman reassured me again that all I had to do was call within 60 days. So I agreed. | Once I agreed, he said he’d throw in some face cream too but mentioned nothing about an additional cost. I received the cream and tried it. It did nothing for me. I called right away to cancel and was told I was all set and would receive a cancellation via email. I received no email confirmation. But I did receive 3 additional charges in addition to the $4.97 including $5.97, 94.97 and 89.97. | When I called the company regarding these charges they said I needed to call within 14 days of receipt and that there was nothing that anyone could do about the charges. They also added, “Why would we give you 60 days when this is only a 30 day trial” I reiterated that I was told 60 days and I was calling within a couple weeks of receipt. I asked to speak to a manager and was told I was speaking to a manager. | One of the charges came from Truly Ageless and the other charge came from NUEU Body. And the product name on the bottles was EnvyRx so they are going by a few different names. I placed a fraud notice on my credit card and will now have to be issued a new credit card. These people are such scammers. So annoyed with them and just want to spread the word so others don’t get taken by them!! Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Outright lies.

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