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Complaint: On 1/12/09, I ordered four restaurant.com $50 gift cards from EPI at $10 a piece. I purchased them as a gift for my mother’s birthday. The company cashed my check after about 10 days, so I waited for my merchandise. After a few weeks passed and I had still received nothing, I called restaurant.com Customer Service, who said they had no record of any purchase from me. Since there was no contact information beyond a PO Box number on the order form, I did an Internet search on EPI and found a link to ripoffscams.com informing me of a lady in Georgia who lost $150 to this same company. (Report #416521) The credit union that my check was issued from offers fraud protection, so I called them to inform them of this fraud and they will issue a refund and conduct an investigation into who owns EPI and what makes them think they can steal people’s money and get away with it. I am also consulting with my attorney to discuss pursuit of criminal charges against EPI. I would suggest that anyone else who has sent money to EPI consult their attorney as well. To those who have not done business with EPI, don’t. C. **** New Haven, ConnecticutU.S.A.

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Address: PO Box 260265 Tampa, Florida U.S.A.



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