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Complaint: Warning; Do NOT go to Dr. Goswami or anyone associated with the Epic Pain Management Insititute. I have chronic and degenerative back problems. I have been on carefully monitored pain medication for many years and I, like many others need this medication to function.My longtime physician retired and I went to this place after much research. I spoke to the people in the office at length and gave them extensive information on my condition, supplied my previous prescriptions, test results, insurance info., etc. They assured me that the Doctor would help me and continue with the regimen of treatment that has been working for me. The website listed several courses of treatment available and included in that was the medications that I was currently prescibed.I got to the office to find it packed with patients who like myself, were there for the first time. Obviously everyone who was there also suffered disorders which required pain management. Normal everyday people, like myself, who are just in need of proper meds.The staff there immediately demanded that I pay $350 up front just in order to see the doctor. When I finally met with the doctor, he completely disregarded my requests for continuing my present course of treatment. Instead he refused to give me meds and insisted that I submit to a treament of needles in my back which were extremely exspenive. Even though I told him and had documenttation that injection treatment had been tried and didn’t work for me, he refused to do anything else for me, treating me like is was some kind of drug addict! When I told him that I wouldn’t have come if the people I had talked to hadn’t promised me that he would prescribe my meds, he replied in a very nasty way, “Those people aren’t doctors. Do you see any doctors around here besides me? I’m the only one who tells you what the treament will be.””Needless to say I was furious and asked for a refund since I wouldn’t be treated and I was basically told “”You’re out of luck””. Looking back I now understand the scam here and why everyone in the waiting room were first time patients. They get people in

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Address: take their $350 and then show them the door when those people don’t want needle treatments. Even though it clearly states on their website the first pain management treatment option listed is medication

Website: “”Doctor”” Goswami! What a disgrace to the medical profession.”

Phone: they would rather force people to take costly injections or nothing.I am completely disgusted with this deceitful practice and I feel sorry for anyone who is a naive as I was to believe that they would get what was promised. They clearly are just in this to take advantage of people who are in debilitatiing pain and desperate for help. Shame on you

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