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I fell prey to a very convincing advertisement for cbd oil. They had sent me an email Which has since disappeared from my email account!) which appeared to be sent by a friend of mine. It advertised “us news channel special report: what would you pay to banish chronic pain, sleepless nights, and anxiety from your life completely?” | I had been in the market for cbd oil and this advertisement was offering a limited time promotion so you could try out their product. I believe the price they quoted me was $35.96 for six bottles of cbd oil. They charged my account $227.85 instead. | They sent me an order confirmation that did not state the price of the cbd promotion but it included a threat at the bottom of the page stating, “important: fraudulent disputes we have noticed an increase of fraudulent credit card disputes over the past few months. | Purehemp wants you to know that we investigate all claims of fraud to the maximum extent of the law and may ask you to sign a notarized afidavit Sic) under perjury. Unfortunately, much of this fraud is perpetrated by customers who have legitimately purchased products, but later deny it to their credit card companies. | Please keep in mind that illegally filing a dispute is a felony punishable by jail time. In addition, if you perpetrate such activity, your credit card may be blacklisted, leaving it unuseable Sic) for internet purchases. | Remember! a lot of these same people do not realize that we store your customer information, including your: ip address, e-mail address, shipping delivery confirrmations Sic), billing address, etc, and use it to appeal all disputes. Save yourself a headache and contact our friendly customer support, we’re here to help!” i did receive six bottles of “cbd oil”. | I am not sure what is in there since everything that they say is a lie. Their phone numbers change constantly. They also have scamion.com reports for other products Skincell) using the type of scam. I have filed a complaint with my bank. They have been very helpful. I hope other people will be saved from being ripped off by this company as it is one big scam.

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