Eric Eddy – Parkersburg, West Virginia Men


This guy is a Supervisor at Safelite Auto Glass and he and my wife began an affair only months after she began to work there. At the time my wife was going through deep depression so I believe he took advantage of her mental state at the time. His brother is a district manager at the company so I’m sure he gets protected. I’ve spoken to numerous people who have known him and no one had anything good to say. This almost ruined my marriage and trying to be a bigger man and protect my family I restrained from confronting him as I’ve been told he’s a pussy that would try to sue or call the cops if I were to make this a man to man talk. ANd yes my wife is at fault as well but she’s been exposed to those she loves and I want to make sure he is made to stop fooling people that he is anything other then a POS.

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