Eric Gullekson, His Way Overall Ministry


Complaint: Eric Jason Gullekson (aliases, Erick, Turnerville, Jason) is a convicted sex offender running a scam church called His Way Overall Ministry on 301 S. Harvard Blvd. He is exploiting homeless populations, mentally retarded patients, poor women, children, and socially disadvantaged people for personal gain. To avoid detection, he holds clandestine fellowship meetings on Friday and Sunday nights, mainly attended by the disadvantaged groups, mentally retarded patients, and other vulnerable groups. The following is his self professed mission and activities, all of which confirm the above statement. Spelling not edited. Misson Statement | Statement of Beliefs His Way Ministry is focused on reaching out to the homeless, the hurt, the hungry, the unloved, the lost, the youth, the lonely, the rejected, the unapprecitated…etc. and as well to do all things His Way. (Luke 14:15-24)(Matthew 25:40). Come join us for Thursday Night Bible Study at 7:00pm, Friday Night Worship at 6:00pm and Sun Night Worship at 5:00 pm. We are located at 301 S. Harvard Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90020 2nd FL. Every last Saturday of the month, the said sex offender criminal also holds disguised outreach activities in the Skidrow area of downtown Los Angeles, aimed at getting more unsuspecting disadvantaged homeless followers for his own selfish personal gains and possible sexual exploitation. During this operation, he disguises himself with a hat, and wears long sleeved clothing to cover his trademark gangster tattoos. It is common understanding that under his current sex criminal/parole status, this man should not be close to vulnerable people, especially children, women, youth, homeless populations, and other groups that may be targeted for this kind of crime. During the course of his so-called pastoral duties, the said sex offender is in touch with vulnerable groups as mentioned above. His office is located in the children’s Nursery room of LA Global Mission church, a Korean community. This is a serious cause for concern. Even his office is used as a playroom for children, and has toys and a crib in it. Readers and all true Christians must avoid this scammer using the name of God in vain for evil purposes. He is a wolf in sheepskins. This sex criminal is on parole; he is using Christian religion for unholy purposes. According to the Christian faith, people of his character and deeds are not qualified to be Pastors. As a convicted sex offender currently on parole, he has no civil and spiritual integrity to deal with vulnerable members of society. He is very untrustworthy; he exploits the poor and helpless for personal gain. When confronted about his wicked ways, he gets very aggressive, high-handed, belligerent, and outright nasty. He has a history of incarceration for brute gangsterism and sex crimes. Tags:Eric Gullekson, Non California Sex offense, tattoos, Sex offender, close to children, false pastor, gangster, rapist, bad pastor, false christian, criminal, convicted rapist, sodomy, rape, child molestation, coercion, force, prisoner, jailbird, offender, sex crimes, sexual immorality, scam

Tags: Sex Offenders

Address: 301 S. Harvard Blvd, 2nd Fl, Los Angeles, CA 90020 Los Angeles, California United States of America


Phone: 323-830-7070

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