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Eric Skates of Equity Prime Mortgage sent my friend a D!CK pic!!

A few weeks ago, my friend, Susan (not her real name) had joined Equity Prime Mortgage as a part-time employee in their marketing department. She used to work there in the evening. It had only been a few weeks since she joined that place when one of her bosses ĎEric Skates started harassing her. He asked her for her phone number for some professional work and she gave it to him hesitantly. 

Then he started texting her and calling her nearly everyday. Even in the office, he would check up on her constantly and flirt with her. She was really uncomfortable there so she complained to the HR about this issue. But the HR DIDNíT DO ANYTHING!!!

Things got worse when he got to her home one day. Susan hadnít gone to the office that day because she was sick. At around 5 in the evening, Eric showed up at her door. She didnít know how to react because it was getting too much for her to handle. 

Even then, Susan was tolerating this constant harassment from Eric, but then he crossed all limits one day. He was sending her multiple texts that night. At first he made it seem like he wanted to talk about work then all of a sudden he sent her a d!ck pic. You read it right, HE SENT HER A D!CK PIC!!!

She didnít know what to do so she contacted me. I told her that she should screenshot that ugly tiny peanut for a p3nis and report him to the HR. But before she could complain to the HR, Eric told her that if she would tell anyone else about that, she would lose her job. Now, who would want to lose their job over a d!ck pic? So my friend didnít report him to the HR then. 

However, he had made things so difficult for her that she left her job a few weeks later. Eric is a sick pervert with a tiny p3nis. He is definitely an incel. The Eric Iím talking about here is currently the Head of Marketing at Equity Prime Mortgage. He is also the Chief of Staff in that company. 

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