Erica Cunningham – Grove City, Ohio Ohio


So this work friendship crossed boundaries. Erica Cunningham is in HR and abused info given to her to further her pursuit of my man. Numerous times she was told to back off and leave him be. She didn’t seem to care for her husband who she goes home to every single night. Nor did she care for the children involved, hers or mine. His and her constant pursuit of eachother ripped my family apart. My children no longer have their father and what used to be my home I’ve had to leave. She is the lowest of the low. Such a sorry excuse and all here lies. She told me she would leave him alone and that she was going to transfer out of her position so that my spouse and I could rebuild… she did none of that. She even thought to give my spouse an ultimatum that she would not be in his life if I am…. girl bye.

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