Erica Findley – Cheyenne, Wyoming Wyoming


I normally am against shaming my fellow sisters- but boy did I experience a huge growing pain. This woman Erica Findley started out stalking me (while I was noticeably pregnant with our second child) and my ex at work and went to the extent of handing his boss her number to give to him when I wasn’t around. Something personally between me and my ex rubbed me the wrong way, so I separated myself knowing these two would be soul mates. I attempted the entire co-parenting thing, but that quickly came to a heart breaking end when she had returned my 2yo at 2am (I was supposed to have her back at 10) with no clothes and matted in nail polish and a big ol bruise on her noggin. Simply, no one was watching my baby when they were supposed to. Mind you, they had sent me to wait for them at a home where they were not at for 2 hours prior. When my baby was returned, they returned her without her mattress and without any pull-ups and refused to do so for days. She was so jealous of my son-to-be that she did everything in her power to cut him out of his father’s life. She even told everyone at the family BBQ that he was not the father’s. I was unable to get my son-to-be’s supplies (diapers, formula, crib, clothes, and my 2yo’s essentials) from the house that I had left. Called a lawyer, still had the key, paid my rent, mail still went there- I was a legal resident and was advised that it was ok for me to enter the property to get it. Erica made my ex press charges on me for conspiracy to burglary because I made the mistake of not going alone (hard to carry things at 8mo pregnant). This would put me in jail after my son’s birth until I could prove my case to a judge about legally residing there. Investigators told me that unfortunately this would grant the father physical custody and that he did not have to return the kids. Erica and my ex advised to sign over my parental rights and that the charges would be dropped and I would still be able to continue my college education without being rejected by the State Board for this potential charge. Lawyer advised me just to leave so that my kids would be safe and he would handle it. I could of fought for complete custody, but did not have enough time. I left a well paying job behind and am now stranded in a different state as a single mom of two. I wake up every day with a fire of ambition to regain my family’s future :/ From all this I have learned quite a bit. Woman was divorced for a year but had to live with her ex husband due to not being self-sufficient- hence why she reached out to leech off of my ex. As an attempt to relate to my family member going through cancer, she said she had cancer where I found out that her tubes were just tied after her 3rd child. She is going through menopause and wants more kids, hence her creepy infatuation with trying to cut me out and share a family with my ex. My ex and I are 22. She is 40. My childrens’ grandmother is 40. It disgusting and hard to comprehend that this woman does not even come close to grazing or being comparable with my baby’s grandma’s age. I am a firm believer that all women are goddesses and gracefully beings even when our minds are narrowed by anger. But I guess I am young and dumb and learned real fast. I am extremely thankful for this growing pain, but it should of never been at the cost of my children’s wellbeing and security. No words can describe the utter awe from this level of crazy. I just hope that karma is received positively by my beautiful babies, and negatively by this woman. And my ex, he made his bed. He allowed something that was supposed to be sacred and unconditional and sweet to turn sour.

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