Erica S. Miley – Atlanta, Georgia Georgia


For years, I have stayed silent about the things this woman, Erica Miley, has done to other women and their relationships with others. I have always believed that being a good friend to someone is looking past their flaws and stand by their side even through the most difficult times. But I have also learned that not every friendship is appreciated and that it can be destroyed by lack of empathy for the ones affected. Every woman should have self respect for themselves. It should never be stoop low. But Erica Miley is a different story. Not only does she lack respect for herself, but also for those who have been in her circle. Instead of loving herself, she goes and have sex with men who are in relationships with other people. I am not saying that the people in relationships who into sexual performances with her are not at fault. They are, but when a woman put herself in a situation she has no business being involved in, especially when that woman is your true friend. Here is the list of men she has had sexual relationships with while they were/are in relationships with other people. If not a sexual relationship, she try and get them to leave their other halves. I am leaving last names out for the purpose of protection. The first names of the men are listed here. If you think or know you are in relationship with these men, please go get yourself checked. Remember, health-wise, many of the diseases don’t show up for years. Be safe and keep your eyes open. Jason Kevin Antonio Antwan Twan Jimmy James Julius David Darian Tyrone Henry Kelly Herbert Joseph John Jake Sean Robert Ryan Renny RJ Ron Reginald Damien Darius Alfred Angelo Gabriel Tony Travis Benjamin DeAngelo K I have many more names. You have the idea.

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