Erika Earl (Schneider) – Bourbonnais, Illinois Illinois


Erika is a trainer at a company I was employed at, and where my ex fiancÚ is still employed at. She decided that since her 20 year marriage wasn’t cutting it for her, she’s go ahead and destroy my 6 year relationship/engagement. Since I found out before either of them could come clean, they decided to each leave their spouses. To make it better, Erika has 2 girls, left them with her husband and moved in with her mommy for a bit. What kind of woman leaves her children?? Clearly a coward, which stands for CJ as well. When I confronted Erika she told me, in the whiniest most desperate voice that she “couldn’t stop talking to him, it’s not that easy”. And the icing on the cake, her mother supports this decision and her sister did this to her now husband. Her sister Jenna, also a whore and homewrecker, slept with Erika’s old neighbor, WHO WAS MARRIED AT THE TIME. Clearly his married didn’t work out after that affair either. I’d say that home wrecking and whoring around runs in the (maiden name) Schenider family. For generations, apparently starting with their grandmother, then their mother, Jenna and now Erika. They must be proud.

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