Erin Reavely – Hazel Park, Michigan Michigan


Pretty common. She’s very well known at her work, she goes for the temps. She has a friend that scouts them and asks if they are married. She prefers ones that have been married a long time. First she starts messaging them, being friendly and starts adding little messages, like how she’s getting in the shower.. First sign of trouble at home and she starts throwing herself at them. Telling them how great they are, how cute, how sexy. Then the oral sex and sex offers start coming. She’ll beg them to let her give them a ride home, come hang out for just a little while. She offered one man sex daily for 2 months straight. He agreed to meet her for a drink, and she picked him up on a corner. Drove to a hotel, said she was just getting herself a room. After she got the key she took him to a bar, where she got trashed. He told her he would drive. She leaned over, kissed him and told him she was kidnapping him. He went with her. He wouldn’t even kiss her again so she gave him oral sex, and then had sex with him. He slept on the opposite side of the bed and asked to be taken home the next morning. He blocked her number so 3 days later she started messaging his wife and demanding money for an abortion. When he went to his superiors at work, turns out this was the 3rd time she had done this. He quit his job and changed his number. Ladies, BEWARE!

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