Escanoba moving Illinois Review


SCAM This company Escanaba Moving Systems, Inc. they order truck repair with us and call to dispute the charges after agree on charges with some stupid excuses and lies about the nature of the service they order, they call us and request tire change for they truck we drive to location and provide the tire change as agree and request, today i get a call from a very rode and lady claiming that they order tire plus airline repair on the truck witch is complete lie and that she’s going to dispute the charges, they didn’t call at the same time when the job was done or after requesting to repair this airline that wasn’t a big deal for us to do from the first place, they cal one day later and say we going to depute the hard working money of are labor and time just for the fun of it, this kind of people should never practices any business a specialty not moving service they are a big scam it’s rip off don’t use they services, steal your hard working money if we could we will give them 0 stars. they are bad news they order truck repair and they don’t pay they bills the are liars and not honest movers or people to work with don’t give the your belongings stay a way from this shady scam people. How can you trust people like that with your moving goods when they stealing from mechanics who repair they trucks to move your goods nationwide or local stay way at any cost. if they have airline broke why they didn’t call us right on the spot and request it repair? why they didn’t call same day? How this truck was able to move if the airline was brooking? what a lairs

2601 Danforth Rd escanaba, Michigan USA


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