All of the following is true and a statement of the facts. I too recently had cause to ask for a refund of subscription fees to After subscribing I found that much of the information was out of date and the claims made on the website regarding the quality and quantity of the information were simply untrue. Furthermore, they have a system that monitors your IP address. Mine changed for some reason and they simply suspended my account without warning. I tried to contact support but got nowhere. After a little more research trying to find a contact I find that are talked about all over the internet and the main person, Stefano Carboni is linked to many unsavory activities. As I have read on many forums I became yet another victim of the firewall set up by this company. it appears that all of the contact information is simply false. 27 Old Gloucester Street is an accommodation address and as I subsequently discovered, is well known to the Met for the cover address of many scams over the years. So the problem it appears for many of us is how do we get recourse? Luckily for me and not so for Mr Carboni, my business partner trained as a lawyer so knew precisely the route to take. He checked the Electoral Roll/Council tax register on with a search for Name: Stefano Carboni Location: London – There are two premium results and after paying their fee we acquired the address. As a sole trader Mr Carboni is PERSONALLY liable for claims so we served the relevant County Court papers (available from your local county court and a small fee which is recoverable when successful) upon Mr Carboni at his address. The court received a reply to the summons confirming the address unequivocally. Each successful county court claim will severely affect a person”s credit rating. A single CCJ will cause huge problems when trying to get a mortgage, even when trying to renew an existing one – a couple of CCJs and a person is effectively ostracized from the credit system. If a person has a couple of CCJs they will find it practically impossible to get credit of any description.

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