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While in the bidding process for a new custom pool I paid $3,000.00 to Dan Essig and his company – Essig Pools for a pool rendition and consultation with Michelle for my pool which is worth approximately $170,000 or more. Please keep in mind the fact that almost all pool companies will do this design & consultation work for free just to get the opportunity of getting a job like this. I agreed to this payment but I later found out and since I’ve never built a pool before only structures, that Dan Essig and his sales rep. Michelle knew that my entire property was connected and being operating by gas. They advised me and I quote “I would never recommend or insist to a client a gas pool heater, they are horrible” This statement came directly from the owner Dan Essig and all while he showed me some electric heaters he already had in his warehouse inventory. I recently found out a few days ago that this was 1,000% not a true statement! Not only the equipment cost less but the efficiency is much better with gas and most all pool owners would opt to use gas heaters over electric heaters if they only had the chance not only due to costs of equipment but the fact it heats the pool at a fraction of the time it would take to heat any pool of any size. Dan stated this falsely due to the fact that he showed me he had in stock several electric pool heaters so I figured he was not thinking about the client he was thinking about his current inventory and how to reduce it. This really upset me!!! I prayed and thought about this long and hard before posting this and I came to the conclusion that consumers should really be warned when a company like Essig Pools acts in an unethical and dishonest manner such as this!!! I have no other reason or really the time to make this post but I am only doing so in the hope to warn consumers to not be blind to unethical business practices. My only advice to you is to be very cautious and beware when doing any job with Essig Pools. Also, Dan did his best to bad mouth the competition constantly and I mean Dan literally bad mouth everything that the competition had to offer and that really turned me off to Essig Pools because that is also a very unethical business practice. .

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