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[protected] [protected] Jason Wright 20 Nov, 2018 On July 09 I filled my car at the Ogden Rd gas station here in Calgary. What I thought was premium fuel going into my car was in fact diesel fuel. 48 liters. My car stopped working immediately and I had it towed. My car has not been the same since. My 2010 Subaru Forester XT has spent 4 months (yes 4 months) in a mechanic shop and it still spurts and engine misfires and it”s been an absolute nightmare. I am requesting that ESSO pay me out for my car as it”s not fully operational, I cannot sell it as it is. I had to go to the media the first time to get the gas station to claim ownership and to pay for the costs of the first repairs to my car. I think I have had wasted enough time and money and stress and now the accountability should be placed on the company who ruined my vehicle. I am requesting a response in due course from you. This has caused financial penalties to me as I use my car for work and have had to pay for rentals, lost/canceled vacations, and missed appointments due to no car, or reliability issues from my car since this incident at your gas station. Once again I am asking for full compensation for my car plus the lost expenses for time loss. See Global Calgary news for my interview over my car issue.

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