Estate Information Services, LLC Warren Michigan Review


This company has been sending me letters in the mail for months now about settling some kind of debt. They extend their deepest sympathies for my family and all except they are overlooking one thing – I am still alive!! As I sit here and write this review/complaint, I am living and breathing and not dead. The only debts I owe currently are student loans from getting my degree. I don’t know why they are saying I am dead and sending me all these letters. My attempts to contact them have been null. They don’t answer their phones nor read any of my dozens of letters I replied to theirs. I will try to contact them again and tell them I am not dead but I believe this is a scam. I have not visited their website because I don’t trust them and I don’t want to access any of their sites. Hopefully they will read one of my letters and understand that I am still alive and don’t owe any of those strange debts they are accusing me of.

P.O. Box 1370 Reynolds, Ohio USA


Illegal Collection Agencies

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