Estes Express Lines Complaint


After tailgating (within one car length) my wife and me for 2+ miles northbound on Hwy 169 (I was traveling 55 in a 60 zone) and continuing to tailgate us for 1+ miles through the town of Winnebago (at 35 in a 30 zone), this [censored] decided to try to run me off the road once we again resumed highway speed. I flipped him off as he passed and he quickly pulled his rig over when the trailer was only 2/3 past us. I contacted the MN State Troopers” office but, of course, they did nothing. This [censored] needs to understand that nearly 20% of all adult male drivers in MN have a carry permit. If this ever happens to me again, I”ll be taking aim first at the trailer tires and then at the cab, given the attempted murder by Estes” driver.

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