Etosac.clom egg harbir city New Jersey Review


On 1/20/14 i found a charge made to my credit card over the XMas holidays by company i never heard of. The charge was made by when i visiited the site it appeared to be some sort of payment site like paypal. I noted that the website name changed several times from etosac to etosae to etosab etc. I called the phone number listd and a wonan answered who kept saying “hello”” as if she couldn””t hear me. I think she was pretending because she finally responded. I told her I suspected fraud because i did not know about aud and hung up. The website stated thst etosac is located in atlanta georgia but my credit card company said that the charge to my card was made in europe. When i googled etosac scam i found a website that warned users to not even access the etosac website. I also found posts from other users who had similar false charges on their credit cards.”

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