ETourandTravel Springlake North Carolina Review


I purchased my package with Etourtravel in July 2014 from a sells Rep over the phone for 198.00. For a Myrtle Beach resort vacation. 3 days 4 nights. It sounded good at the time because me and my family love Myrtle beach and travel there several times a year. I figured that we could use the packgage for mysef my husband and new babys birthday in March. When I purchased the package I informed the Rep that I had a Family size of six. @ adults 4 children. And i was inforemed that, that would not be a problem we had many hotelas to choose from. So yesterday March 2nd I call and make my reservation, only to find out that we only had one Hotel that we could stay at and I had to pay an Extra 117.00 for an upgrade because we had to many people in our party. I paid the extra money because What else was we going to do our Birthday was next week and we had already planned for this. Then I thought it over and said why am I paying more money for a hotel I dont want to be at and I already paid for. I tried to call right back and cancell but all of a suden they were closed. So today March 3rd. I called at 9am on the dot to cnacell my reservation. The lady on the phone told me that since my vacation was 30 days out that they were going to charge me 75 dollars to cancell. Whaaat ?? So now i got ripped off twice. I then said I wanted all my money Back the 198.00 and the 117.00. She told me that I couldnt get the refund for the purchase because i had 30 days to Cancell. But when I purchased the package I was told I could cancell at anytime. You dont get the package information until they mail it to you so whatever the person says on the phone is a lie. On theier terms and conditions it says You have 15 Days to cancell. So I was just decieved all the way around. I wrote a complaint but Lets see what happens.Pissed don not Buy.

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