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This is a cautionary tale against making online purchases of expensive items such as high end jewelry, etc. | Websites such as craigslist, letgo, and are magnets for criminals and illegal activity. The owners/operators of these sites throw up their hands and claim immunity to the crimes committed against unsuspecting buyers of merchandise peddled by their vendors. It’s all about money and the amount made off these vendors. As such, could care less whether or not you are scammed. Additionally, will trick you into believing that you will get your money back. It happened to me. | will in fact, scam you. It is true that functions as a medium much like craigslist. However, more often than not etsy will side with their vendor when a case is opened due to fraud or misrepresentation. | I was scammed into buying a fake David Yurman ring in which the seller had refurbished, however conveniently failed to disclose this in his listing. He even used fake pictures and when I received the ring, it did not look like the ring posted. | Beware of etsy, stay away from the website, and if you do get scammed, file a report with the attorney general in your state as well as file a purchase dispute with your bank.

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