Eunice Deterville – Barbados, Wisconsin Wisconsin


So this homewrecker, with the help of my husband, has destroyed our long-term marriage. She texts him graphic nude pics, he has pics on his phone of her performing oral sex on him and videos of herself masturbating while calling his name. She even got a tattoo of his name on her wrist. Their relationship been going on for the past year and a half and still continues. After I found out and threatened divorce, he was repentant and swore it was over. A little while after things died down, he was back in Barbados to see her again. He told me he spoke to her but nothing happened. He said he went to apologize to her for everything that happened and it was his fault that their sex videos and pics fell into my hands. I have uploaded a few on this site. She was concerned that she works in a doctors office and she didn’t want to lose her job. This selfish bitch and my even more selfish husband, get together at every opportunity to destroy my life and my children’s life. I thought long and hard about posting on this site and others, but decided to do it for two reasons. Firstly, other women need to be aware of the type of female she is. Secondly, she didn’t care about my feelings, or my children’s feelings when she decided to carry on their torrid affair. He even assured her that I wouldn’t. Guess what bitch? He was wrong! As I write this, my soon-to-be ex-hubby is in Barbados having the time of his life. She’s a real easy trick. All he has to do is promise her a cell phone and she’s all his. Dumb bitch!!!!

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