Eunice Yu (Sharma) – Aiken, South Carolina South Carolina


This unfortunate looking creature is Eunice Yu (Sharma), sadly she’s the most boring, irrelevant, non-mfn factor that has ever existed. She’s so irrelevant that she can’t seem to figure out how to get her baby daddy to stop cheating on her. She can’t control her household, so she finds it necessary to harrass and annoy ANY female her BD has ever had contact with. She’s a mother of 5, who has waaaaaay too much free time to annoy others. She’s so desperate for validation and attention that she finds it necessary to post crap about me on websites and find fake numbers to text me from and state non-factual rumors to anyone who says hello to her. She wants me to pay attention to her so badly, that she creates fake FB profiles to message me, and tell me the shenanigans shes up to. The more you ignore her, the more her poor lil heart breaks and the bigger and more outrageous her stunts get. Unfortunately she runs her mouth WAY too much, she’ll tell anyone with in ear shot about her enormous debt due to him, throws out wild allegations of domestic abuse and homosexuality that plague her relationship (I dont know how much of it is truth or factual, all I know, is what sob story she feeds me). Shes so desperate to keep him interested in her unattractive, boring ass that shes begging chicks to particiape in a menage a trios and she can’t even manage to see that through to furition. I think perhaps shes a lil slow and a remiedial reader bc Ive warned her, that if she started, Id definitely finish but yet and still she continues. I really am hoping that you all will show Eunice some attention by visiting her FB page (Eunice Yu), IG page (euniceyu_euyu), Twitter or on first Friday at one of Augusta Most Wanted’s performances. She’ll be so happy that someone actually knows she exists she won’t know what to do with herself. She’s repeatedly stated that “I need my ass beat”, unlike her, I’m asking that NO ACTUAL PHYSICAL HARM BE BROUGHT TO HER.

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