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While Taking classes online with Everest University, I thought I made the biggest and most exciting place By taking classes with this institution. I have enrolled in the spring summer and fall of 2014, They have Accepted Most of my transcripts That I have transferred over from the previous School that I was attending to, Because of my status of being a mother of a newborn And a two year old. While taking these classes with this institution I have notice That There was something really wall with the reading material that each professor has assigned me. The laptop that they gave me was not functional. To make matters worse for me the USB that came with the laptop, Was not compatible with the laptop. Every time I use this laptop, The whole system shutdown and reboot itself. The USB That I insert Into the laptop Is not reading. It stays In quotation That I need Administrative authorization To go further into using both laptop and USB. The USB was not working with my Desktop neither. I have called tech support, And told them my issue, they stated that they see nothing wrong with my laptop from their end. Not to mention everything that I’m telling you is safe right out of my financial aid money. The material that they were assigned to me at this institution, Turned out to be the same exact word for more material that was given to me from my other institution that I was attending to. To make things more frustrating the material and answer that I have given back to the professors for grading, Their response was not the same response that I have gotten from my previous professors at the other institution. I felt that I was cheated out of my money, I was not satisfied with the material that they assigned me nor the classes, I transfer 65 credits over to this institution for my previous institution That I earned the total of 95 credits. Same major nothing change I was very unhappy with the services. Also within my financial aid statement is saying that I was paying for it in door fee And other thing that I believe that I was not Understanding quite well. When I talking to one of the Student Services, I told them what I saw and my statement their response was you’re not being charged that that’s just the estimate or what you could be paying if you were To stay within this is the solution But I was not On campus with this institution I was taking classes online With this institution. I felt as if I’ve been ripped off For just the enrollment And the pay for my financial aid. And I am not afraid to say I want all of my financial aid money back and I am willing to give back the laptop and USB that came with For came out of my financial aid money.

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