Evermarine, S.A.


This company if can be called like that, is a joke, they sell bad boats, and the owner or manager is a fraud because he fools his customers, uses the boats, gives them lousy maintenance to the products he sells and expects clients not to notice…This is literally the same as stealing from your clients, this is why this man and his company is a fraud, they charge a lot money for their boats but dont give anything in return to its customers once they have the money .. The representation this “company” gives is so bad, is almost a SCAM, so why would you want to buy something so dreamed yet so expensive from people like Mr. Sola that wont give you what you expect and wont treat you like you deserve when buying a luxury item. | Boats should be giants toys for men, but I guess that from companies and men like Louis Sola comes the saying: the two happiest days of your life are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Please dont buy anything from this company or this man, dont let him fool you too.

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