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I placed an order with Everything Vintage October 20, 2014. My order included multiple items, however two items that I ordered (Two CCM Jerseys) were not in my package. Instead, two items that I never bought were in my box (a jacket and a random USA Basketball Jersey) Things happen, I get it, no big sweat. I sent an email back to Everything Vintage kindly asking for the two items I did not order to be exchanged for the two Jerseys that I did originally. No response. I emailed again a few days later, still no response. I have probably sent a total of fifteen to roughly twenty emails to this company demanding an explanation, only for them to never respond. I gave up after a while. I saw that the site was down and assumed they were out of business. Then a week ago, I saw that the site was back up and running, so I contacted them again on Monday, August 17 2015. Today is Friday August 21 and I have still not heard anything. I have all the emails saved and the emails range from October 2014 to now. It has almost been a year and I still haven’t been provided with any explanation from this company. The two Jerseys cost me a total of $105.00. I have never received poorer customer service in my life. I was going to let this go, however after reading the other complaint on here I simply cannot. I work very hard for my money and I refuse to allow for them to get away with this without providing me an explanation. I have proof of an invoice sent to me from Everything Vintage via Paypal saved in my email. I returned the items that I did not order soon after I received them and was expecting an exchange for the two Jerseys that I did order. I want my $105.00 back.

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