Evolution Credit Card Proce Review


A sales representative for Evolution BankCard called my home. I recognized the number on caller ID as having called several times recently – the prior calls went unanswered since I did not know the number. Out of frustration, I answered this time. When I answered the call, I was surprised when the caller – a male – asked to speak to my minor child. I explained to him that he would not be speaking to my child since I, as Mom, didn’t know who he is and I do not allow strangers to interact with my children on the telephone, Internet, etc. I then asked what was the purpose for his call. He said my child had recently applied for a business license and he was calling to help my child apply for credit card processing services through his company. I responded with an adamant denial of any new business license application; he said they received a list from their marketing department and he was following up on those names listed. Here’s the extra-scary part: he then gave me my child’s correct first and last name, and our home address. I was shocked, and immediately became concerned about identity theft or fraud. I asked for the name of his company, he replied “”Evolution””. “”Evolution, what?”” I asked. “”Processing”” he answered. I asked for a phone number and address, neither of which he would give me. I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said there wasn’t one available. I did finally get him to admit their corporate headquarters are in New York, NY. I asked him to remove my child’s name from their call list, stating again that the child is a minor, not an adult, and would not be needing credit card processing any time soon. I also asked him to send a credit card processing application in the mail. I hope he does it – there might be contact information for the company on the paperwork that I can use to try and track down the origin of this potential ID theft. In the meanwhile, I am pulling my child’s credit report and placing a security freeze on it with all 3 credit bureaus. .

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