We were approached in the United States Via Facebook Messenger by Chris Powell in Canberra Australia. He knew everything about my business and the global company I represent. Upon the conversation, he told me while we were in communication on messenger that he bought a URL similar to the company I represent and together we would be able to profit and sell it to the company I work with. | We requested that he cancel that purchase because it is out of integrity. Which he did. | He then offered to help build my clients new website who is a dentist, he said he would stay behind the scenes and a week later, the work was on his YouTube Channel. | We contacted YouTube stating Chris Powell is in trademark infringement and has no right to post my clients content on his YouTube and the Video was removed. | Fool me once OK,fool me twice, my bad, fool me three times, what was I thinking? | Chris Powell kept on emailing with ideas that I thought were OK. | So as time heals all wounds, I sent him 300.USD to work on the Website of another Client. He did not respond to acknowledge he received the money and 8 days later when the Website was finished without him, I requested he return the money. | This was his response:

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