Ewa Jankojc – Aberdeen, New Jersey New Jersey


This is a posting on Ewa Jankojc, Rzekos (maiden) and an account of her adultery and infidelity she committed cheating on her husband through having a sexual relationship with her daughter’s tennis coach, 22 YEARS HER JUNIOR, with her being 47 and him 24 at the time. Ewa Jankojc made the conscious decision that a quick summer flick for her selfish desires and disregard for her family between the months of June 2016-August 2016 was worth betraying her marriage, her role as her child’s mother, the respect and professionalism of the parent / coaching relationship she developed with a dedicated tennis coach over the course of 3 years, and her husband who works as a full time independent driver and barely makes ends meet and comes home as late as midnight during the week. Knowing that her daughter’s tennis coach was a heart-broken young man who was battling years of depressions over his first and only break up in his life in addition to his lack of experience, she capitalized off of his weak position and frequented trips to his town on her day’s off and every opportunity she had unknown to her daughter and husband. Using the excuse that she wanted to “help” her tennis coach out with his emotional issues, she hid the ulterior motive of capitalizing off of his innocence and youth and convinced the young man to meet at places away from the public’s eye such as the park, the back of shopping centers hidden from plain view, in the back of her car packed in vacant areas, and eventually; progressing into convincing him of allowing her into his bedroom of his parents house where she would prey on his body in carnal ways. After she decided that she had enough fun, she warned and threatened her child’s tennis coach that she would use every text message they had sent between each other against him if he came clean with the truth from the guilt he was experiencing after the realization that she had used him and deceived him. The situation gradually became legal and law enforcement was later involved and a Restraining Order was granted against her for the harassment and intimidation she was showing with the intent of hiding the shame and embarrassment she would endure if her acts of dishonesty, adultery, and deception were to be made known public.

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