Ewa Jankojc – Cliffwood, New Jersey New Jersey


This is a posting with the public’s interest in mind regarding a socially corrupt individual named Ewa Jankojc, Rzekos (maiden), and an account of her infidelity and complete betrayal of her marriage, family, and obligation as a mother to her 12 year old daughter, Julia Jankojc (Yulia Jankojc). During the months of June 2016 – August 2016, Ewa Jankojc made the conscious and selfish decision at 47 years old that a short summer romance in having a sexual relationship with her daughter’s tennis coach, 22 years her junior, was worth turning her back on her husband, Waldek (Waldemar Jankojc); A good father who barely makes end’s meet working as an independent driver, goes home exhausted and as late as midnight during the week, and provides and contributes to the best of his abilities towards a humble still mortgaged condominium in Cliffwood, New Jersey. Ewa Jankojc crossed the boundaries of a 3 years long professional relationship when she began to utilize the hours where her child would be participating in tennis lessons and clinics to develop a romantic relationship with a younger man of 24 years who served as the daughter’s full-time travel tennis coach. Being of knowledge that the coach was a heart stricken young man man who was suffering from years of clinical depression over his first heartbreak, Ewa capitalized off of his weak position in addition to his lack of romantic experience with the intent to satisfy her selfish desires. Using the initial proposal that she wanted to “help” the coach out with his emotional distress, she hid the ulterior motive of exploiting his innocence and youth and gradually convinced the young man to meet with her independently at locations outside of the confines of what was appropriate given her martial commitments. These locations included but are not limited to local parks away from her place of residence, behind shopping centers hidden from plain sight, the back of her SUV parked in vacant areas, and eventually; progressing into the young man’s bedroom in his parent’s house where she would preform sexually deviant acts at a complete disregard for those who loved her and who were ignorant of her adulterous actions. Ewa Jankojc had no shame nor the slightest degree of moral confliction looking into her daughter’s eyes when she would drop her off for tennis and slip away with her younger paramour while her husband would be working to the best of his abilities for the prosperity of his family. At the ending weeks of the summer, when Ewa Jankojc decided that she had finally been satiated with the unfaithful affair, she terminated it with no remorse and left the young coach emotionally devastated and further broken in distress. When the coach attempted to mend what was to him a meaningful relationship, Ewa Jankojc warned and threaten the young coach that she would use every text message and form of communication they shared against him and report him and get law enforcement involved if he were to disclose or come clean with anything that transpired during their affair quoted to have said, “I will burn your life to the ground”. The situation escalated and a Domestic Violence Restraining Order was shortly granted against her. It is advised at this time that if you feel coerced, threatened, or harassed to report all interactions with Ewa Jankojc to your local police department within your jurisdiction.

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