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I had initially ordered two of the portable mini personal air cooling machines based on the concept July 6, 2018. I contacted the company on August 4th inquiring where my merchandise was since they don’t provide a tracking number. They only have an inoculous email address to send to. Two days later Ben replied: Aug 4, 10:43 PDT Hi Tony,Thank you for writing to us regarding your order. Ben here, helping you out. Let’s get to it!After carefully looking into your order, I can see that our warehouse team started processing your order.Typically shipping takes around 4-12 business days, depending on the location itu2019s going to and current demand of sale day as this product is selling like crazy at the moment! If you have any questions feel free to reach out anytime!All the Best,Ben | Exclusive Deal Shopexclusivedealshop.com We received the package on August 13th and I pulled out these cheap plastic cased computer fans with a leaky water tank. My wife hated it, so I boxed it back up and contacted the company again for an RMA to return them for a refund. This was the email I received back today. James (Exclusive Deal Shop) Aug 15, 13:07 PDT Hi Tony,Thank you for reaching out!Unfortunately, We have a no refund policy and at this time we can’t approve the return for this order. As mentioned in our FAQ section, please review: What is your return policy?If thereu2019s something wrong with your order (defective product, incorrect order, damaged order etc.), please contact us within 10 days from receiving your order and weu2019ll be happy to assist you reviewing the case and if it is approved we will be sending a replacement. Please do not return anything before we review the case, our customer service team will review the request and will send further instructions. We reserve the right to deny any return request When are returns not possible?If you have placed an order with a wrong item/address; you need to contact our customer services in order to receive the appropriate resolution. Youu2019re not eligible for a return for the following reasons. If:- The order is not corrected within 24 hours.- The product is not broken or it is not defective or is damaged because of use or- The product is not in the same condition as you received it.- Received the ordered correct item.If you have any other questions, let us know!All the Best,James Thank you, James RobertExclusive Deal Shop So, $50 worth of plastic and spare computer parts, no returns allowed, just exchanges for something that should cost $10. Don’t waste the money or tthe time with this company!!!

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