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Jeff Novello and Evan Roth are the only ones I dealt with from the beginning of my expesive and wothless money-making venture. Total The cost of the website was $295. BUT the total cost of the worthless scam was over $5,000. He promised that Amazon would soon be sending business my way, and that I would be doing businessas an affiliate with Amazon, ebay and othr online companies. That never happened. I would contact Jeff at least once a day asking if anyone had hit on my site. No answers. He finally answered when I got nasty with him. Then he actually called me telling me I never have to get nasty, yet obviously that’s what it took to even get an email from the man. The website was a joke. It had all kinds of cheap junk that I never wanted on it or to be associated with. It was not nor had it ever been an affilite of Amazon’s. Ebay never even contacted me, nor did they have any file on record of dealing with me. I found this out only a few monthe ago after doing so investigating of my own. In this investigation I tried “hitting”” on my site

which was “”Beach Front Best Deals.”” I had thousands of hit

but all wanting beach front property. No one was looking for all the cheap garbage for sale on my site. I’ve finally resorted to going through my bank and writing letters disputing the $5200 in charges. I’m haven’t gotten an anser from them yet. I do know Jeff Novello is no longer with the company. Jeff Novello also charged $2000 to my Pay Pal account since I had no more cash left. He promised more successful ventures. Once again

there were none. It wasn’t until I filed a fraud complaint that Jeff Novello called me irate and threatening me that I had better take that accusation off of PayPal or I would be in big trouble. PayPal refunded my money.”

85 W Columbus, Ste 101 San Tan Valley, Arizona United States

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