Exitus Indiana


Complaint: BEWARE: Exitus is another internet money making SCAM by Paul Stevenson. I have spoken to several people doing my due diligence before losing a $1,000 to this “home Biz”” type of company. I also found out they just “”STOLE”” their so called product line from another US based and ethical company that Paul Stevens loves to bash publically just to get people to join his compnay so he can collect the “”admin fees”” when new people join. The producs he has are only $5.00 PLR products that his members are trying to sell for THOUSANDS of dollars. After hearing NUMEROUS stories of people losing thousands of dollars joining and trying to advertise ad market this junk I finally realize I had been “”duped”” by this con man. I ahve also found some postings aout his CRIMINAL RECORD in the UK and I have verified them as TRUE! BEWARE of this ONLINE SCAM and DON””T waste your money

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Address: time or energy. Wiiliam K.”


Phone: Internet USA

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