Expat Explore Agoura Hills California Review


After years if saving and homeschooling Italy we finally decided to take the plunge and book the $11,000 dream vacation of 17 days in Italy with Expat Explore and Tour Radar. It turned out to be one of the worst decisions that we could have made, because Expat board member, Ananda Heyl called me in our Rome hotel at midnight 1/2 through our tour and told us that they were cancelling the rest of our trip and they NEVER gave us any chance to change anything that we were doing before they decided to do this. They need to be shut down and punished for what they did, but they will admit no fault and when someone books with Expat, Expat can CANCEL their trip at any time for ANY reason. Beware before using Tour Radar and Expat Explore! Protect your family, Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to Ananda once we had returned: June 19, 2017 Ananda, We have now returned from our tour. We made the decision to go with our son and weu2019ve been saving for years and homeschooling all Italy. Heu2019s been practicing his Italian so he was ready for the trip. We chose Expat, because of the 20-30 age group and irreverent pictures. It seemed like a more laid back group that fit our style. Our goal was not to worry about the details and help our son enjoy the trip. Because of decisions made by you and your team to kick us off of the tour the night before you have completely ruined our Italy trip. You forced us for 45 minutes at 11:30 PM to grovel and beg to be kept on and even having to find other passengers that would vouch for our behavior. Itu2019s a miracle that we ran into them. The amount of stress that you caused us is immeasurable having to figure out what to do with my family in a foreign country. At no time were we presented with this possibility happening during the southern portion of the tour. At no time previous to this were we told that our behavior would be grounds for cancellation. The only time that we heard about it we were then assured by Shabby when she said that we wouldnu2019t be a problem and she was amazed that the the company was considering this based on things that u201cwerenu2019t our fault”. When I heard this I was amazed that it was even an issue. Since I donu2019t have the vindictive complaint reports from the passengers and the tour guide I am unable to respond directly to their comments

but you verbally shared several things that night that I need to dispute now: Tour Leader complaints When we visited Pompeii we were excited to see it

but during our 1st tour the director was very monotone and didnu2019t keep the group interested. During the tour I went up to him and asked him if there was any way that he could liven up the presentation a little to keep the kids interested. It never changed. We talked to Shabby that night and gave her our feedback on him. The next day it turned out that the same director was taking us to Capri. We were very concerned that weu2019d have the same experience. We asked Shabby what she could do and she said that we could talk to him before the tour to try to get him to make the next tour more interesting for the kids. After we spoke to him that morning about how concerned we were he was able to improve 100%. He had more energy and I think that everyone enjoyed the Capri tour more because of our feedback. Seat rotation: From the very beginning when I booked with Tour Radar I mentioned that my wife and son had motion sickness issues and if they were allowed to sit in the front seat sheu2019d be OK. Tour Radar said that I should contact the tour leader to see what she could do. From the first day I talked to Shabby and told her about the issue and she said it was first come first served until people complained then sheu2019d have to start a rotation. So for the first several days I made sure that I was first in line to ensure that she had the right seat. Once a complaint came in

we started rotating

except on one especially long drive day I requested that Shabby let us sit in the front seat. Shabby said no. I said can I talk to corporate and ask them for the favor. She then gave us your corporate office and after a long conversation I was told that it would be OK if she sat in the 3rd seat

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