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I have never flown before and I booked two tickets to go and see my daughter’s graduation this coming Dec. in Carbondale Illinois. I have MS and limited income as divorced woman. My former husband and youngest daughter booked flights without my son. They did not think to include him. My son will finish his fall semester classes at Penn State University Dec. 12th. I wanted to get him a ticket so he could see his sister graduate with her Ph.D. I looked at the directions on the Expedia site and it said to book another flight. I booked three tickets on the SAME PLANE, the SAME DATE, the SAME TIME. I called to cancel the first booking. This is all in the same day or two. I was told that my first booking could not be refunded. I was told that they are nonrefundable. I now have five tickets for my trip to Illinois. I booked in July and tried to cancel the next day! I applied for the Expedia credit card online just so I could make the flight to Illinois in December. Now they are telling me that I can’t cancel the first booking. The flight isn’t until Dec. 12, 2014. SERIOUSLY! Once I pay off the card in two weeks, and close the account after the trip, (because I used the card for reservations for hotel and car) I will let everyone in the social media world see what a rip off Expedia is!!!!!!

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