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Experience-international would not/could not provide credible regular important Detroit property information Internet I stumbled on the advert on the internet by Experience-international on Detroit properties with yields of over 20%. By the way, the advert is everywhere on the internet. I left me email and contact no. with them for more information on the probable investment in Detroit properties, and they got back to me by phone and then on email exchanges. From the start i felt a little suspicious when the information provided (pictures, financial figures) was lacking in its fundamentals. Who would buy a home without seeing the interiors of the home to ascertain condition and quality? There was also no unit. no. to the house which is basic in ascertaining the location of the property. Furthermore, no building size, and plot size were given in the first instance, which all property sales person would definitely provide in the portfolio of information. I also spotted discrepancies in information within the attachments that were provided in the email, which raises my suspicion further eg. 4 bed in the header, and then 3 bed is mentioned in the description. Worst still, one of the properties had no BH stated, and another had missing property tax figures. This spells no integrity in the information provided. The sales person Gareth got aggressive with me when i insisted on pictures of the interiors to move forward. Talking over me, saying that sales move too fast and it is the way it is ….??? I told him as a foreign investor, i needed to ascertain the condition of the interiors, since i am far away. And he said i could fly to Detroit to touch the property. What kind of customer service is this? I had read an article on investors got scammed on the properties they bought with Experience-international, where the property turned out to be a desolate property. Well, i guess the couple did not insist on pictures of the interiors to begin with, and trusting the purchase without a proper address (to investigate on), and complete sales information to make a proper judgement on the credibility of the sales. It has an upfront non-refundable fee of 2000 pound, which if one signed and realised it is not the property they ask for at the second payment (where they claim a property report will be provided), would be too late to retract. Can you believe this: He said there is no risk ‘cos if the property is not what i like at the second payment after viewing the report, i could swap to another property with no extra cost … It takes a moron to agree to this remark ! I will be stuck in the purchase, and scammed on the 2000 pounds and buying a property that may not exist !!!! .

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