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Figured out why Expert Mechanical and Homelife Warranty are giving me the run around…same address…same company. On 7/2/14 my AC stopped working and contacted HomeLife to fix it. They sent someone from Expert Mechanical to fix at which time the contractor stated that the unit probably needs to be replaced but the one of the fuses had blown so lets see if that fixes it. On 7/11 it broke again at which time they sent another Expert Mechanical person to fix it and they said it was an electrical problem but later that day stated on the receipt that its not electrical and the “entire unit needs to be replaced.” Homelife sent someone from Delta to check on the electrical just in case and he ruled out electrical and stated it was the AC unit also. On 7/16 another Expert Mechanical person came out to make sure at which time they stated also, the compressor needs to be replaced. Homelife told me I needed an outside opinion to see if this is actually the AC at which time I hired two outside opinions from WD Manor and Standard Eco. Both agreed the entire condenser needs to be replaced. Then, Homelife said I needed proof of maintenance from the past two years of home ownership before they would replace the unit. I sent that to them. Finally after a month and a half of doing everything they asked since my contract clearly states that the compressor and condenser are completely covered, they said we are denying the claim but they would give me $500 as a “customer service gesture.” Expert Mechanical and Homelife have the same address, I found out later. This tells me they are scamming people and making them stand on their toes to try to find a way for them not to pay by procrastination. If I would have known that they would have only covered $500 after all of that and no AC for a month and a half, I would have just paid for it on my own. I kept on submitting all they asked because I knew I couldnt afford the $3500 replacement, which is why I got home warranty. They are supposed to help out when the big things break. After many tears and frustration I dont know where else to go besides YELP reviews,, Department of Insurance and now BBB. After reading a litany of complaints of other people just like me who have been scammed left and right, I hope they get justice or at least do the right thing now. If you are reading this, please go straight to the Department of Insurance and get a lawyer…these guys need to be stopped!

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